Instructions for authors

Abstract – Instructions

Official conference languages are English and Serbian.

  • Submitting an abstract in English is mandatory (instructions below).

Detailed instructions for abstracts:

  • Title of the abstract should not exceed 150 characters with spaces
  • Abstract length should be between 1500 and 2500 characters with spaces (excluding the title, authors’ names, affiliations and keywords).
  • Abstract should contain only text, i.e., it should not contain tables and figures
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12pt, Latin alphabet exclusively for optional abstracts in Serbian due to the limitations of the platform for submission.
  • Abstract should include clearly stated problem of the research, method, results, and conclusion.
  • When presenting results clearly present the values of the statistics, degrees of freedom, and significance level (for example, t(121) = 15.34, p<.05).
  • Up to five key words is required.
  • One author can submit up to three papers, and he/she can be the leading author on maximum two papers.


Conference proceedings – Instructions for authors

Conference proceedings will be available online on this link. Authors that wish to submit proceedings should apply via the questionnaire that will be published on the website, conference Facebook page and will be sent via e-mail to the authors. Please submit your papers by the date in the notice of application for proceedings. Papers are submitted by sending them to the email, with the subject “proceedings_submission_[first_author_surname]”

  • Paper length should be between 6000 and 8000 characters with spaces (excluding abstract, title, authors’ names, affiliations and keywords).
  • Please use Microsoft Word text processor, please download template for EIPproceedings link docx or link doc
  • Papers that do not follow the template, will not be sent for a review
  • Paper should contain the following (in accordance with the APA 6 standards):
      • Shorter abstract (from 1000 to 1400 characters with spacing) – abstract for the conference proceedings should not be the same as the one submitted for the conference. In addition, it should not contain statistics. Unless statistical technique is a topic of the paper, used statistical techniques should not be mentioned in the abstract.
      • Up to 5 keywords
      • Short introduction and clearly stated problem and the aim of the study
      • Method
      • Results
      • Discussion and conclusions
      • Reference list
  • When displaying statistics, it is necessary to clearly display values, degrees of freedom, and level of significance (e.g., t(121) = 15.34, p<.05).
  • Tables and figures should be prepared in Word or Word compatible format. Tables and figures should be copied from statistics software and prepared for Word. The same data should not be displayed in both text and in tables/figures. Each table, figure, and/or picture should be numbered and with adequate title placed above the table, figure, or picture. Authors should refer to each table, graph or picture in the text.
  • Paper should be written according to APA6 standards.


You can download:

Instructions for formating statistical parameters by APA6 standards