Technical information about the conference

Instructions for authors and visitors of the conference

This year’s EIP-2021 will take place online, via Zoom platform.

Before the conference:

  • Please register by opening a Zoom account, so Your name can be visible to the conference participants.
  • We recommend downloading a Zoom app for Your computer since accessing meetings with it allows a somewhat better connection than when joining simply through Zoom website.
  • We kindly ask You to display Your name on Your Zoom account.

During the conference:

  • On the conference timetable webpage, clicking on the name of the active session which You wish to attend will have you automatically join the meeting.
  • Only links for ongoing sessions and the following two will be available.
  • When joining a section, all participants will have their webcams and microphones turned off. You are asked not to turn on the camera or the microphone unless you are asking a question when the session chairman will allow you to speak, or if you yourself are the speaker at that section.
  • You ask for permission to speak by using the “raise hand” option.
  • The chairman will allow you to speak if you have used the “raise hand” option.
  • If you have asked a question in the chat, the chairman will read it to the speaker.


Oral sessions

  • Total duration of a conference presentation is limited to 15 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for the very presentation, followed by the remaining 5 minutes for questions and discussion.
  • Each session will have a chairman, announcing and following the presentations as well as moderating the following discussions.
  • All session attendees (except for the chairmen and speakers at the time) are asked to keep their cameras and microphones turned off.
  • Questions may be asked in a chat box or using the “raise hand” option that will be a sign for the chairman to let you speak.

Poster sessions

  • In case you are presenting your work with a poster, we recommend the horizontal orientation (landscape) to maximise the onscreen visibility during discussions on the Zoom platform.
    • All posters will be available throughout the entire duration of the conference.
    • Posters can be accessed on the conference timetable webpage.
  • Poster authors are expected to be present during the appointment assigned for their poster presentation to conference attendees and The Best Poster Award jury members.
    • Each poster author is bound to spend 40 minutes at the Zoom session of his or her poster, in order to answer questions (precise schedule of particular authors’ availability will be found on the poster session webpage)
  • Posters should be sent to conference organizers by March 24th 2022, to enable adequate preparation of the poster session webpage.
    • Posters should be sent in PDF format to
    • Along with the poster, a direct Zoom link to it should be sent (made on your account), with the title and authors of the work specified in the email. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the conference organizers at
    • Each poster session will have its own page on the website, showing the link to the poster, link to its abstract and a Zoom meeting link, where authors are expected to be present during their appointment (given on the poster section webpage).
    • On Zoom, all discussions related to the poster in question may take place, having the poster shared through the share screen option making it visible throughout the discussion.