Technical information about the conference

Oral presentations

The presenters will have a computer, a video projector and a pointer. If you need additional equipment, please contact the meeting organisers, no later than seven days before the beginning of the conference, so that we can provide the necessary equipment on time. On the day of your presentation, please come to the room where your session is fifteen minutes earlier and copy your slides to the computer before the official start of the section. Each presenter will have a 15-minute time slot: 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion (questions from the audience). Please adhere to the time frames provided. To help you with timing and to leave time for discussion, the chairman will give you a signal when there are five or one minutes left until the end of the ten-minute interval scheduled for the presentation. Our friendly volunteers will be at your disposal for all steps.

Poster presentations

For poster presentations, there will be panels for posters of size A0 in a vertical orientation (portrait) and equipment for attaching the poster to the panel (pins, scotch tape, clips). On the day of your presentation, please put up the posters before the start of the poster section, ideally already during the morning (before noon) hours, so that the audience will have the opportunity to look at the posters during the coffee and lunch breaks. Poster panels will have numbers and presenters will be notified about the number of their panel on which they should put up their poster in time for the conference. Please stand next to your poster during the poster section, i.e. make yourself available to the audience for poster display and discussion. At the end of the poster section, please remove your posters from the panels, so that the panels are free for the next day.

Conference language
The official languages of the conference are Serbian (i.e. BCMS language) and English. Abstracts should be written in English, and the same applies to presentations and posters. The language of the presentation should be adapted to the audience. If the audience is international, it is necessary to present in English, whereas if the audience consists of speakers of regional languages, it is possible to present in the languages of the region.