Dear students, psychologists, professors,

Psychology students’ association “Stimulus”, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade is organizing the third student conference “Stimuluskup” this year, as an extension of the scientific conference “Empirical studies in Psychology – EIP2019”. Our goals are to include more students in scientific conferences and to broaden the interests of students for up-to-date subject matters, as well as new ones that escape the standard fields of psychology they encounter during studies. “Stimulus” invites all the students interested in participating in the student conference “Stimuluskup”.

The topic of this year’s conference is “The future of knowledge”.

The future of knowledge is a topic that highlights every interaction with science, whether it’s about conducting research or reading about a fascinating phenomenon. How do we learn about the world today? What is science and in what ways are science and knowledge intertwined? And what will science and knowledge look like in the near or distant future?

Every research question is also the question of what we know, what we want to know and what we can know. Hence, this year we invite you to take a step further from an ordinary research and join us in rethinking the future and how we are contributing to it. Once again “Stimuluskup” brings together students and experts from various fields – from historians of art, sociologists to mathematicians and neurologists – in order to explore the future of knowledge together.

If you have interesting empirical results or insights, if you want to organize workshops that promote interdisciplinarity, we invite you to join and participate in Stimuluskup in 2019 by completing this application.

It is possible to participate in the “Stimuluskup 2019” conference via several ways:

Author’s study

Research review

Replication study


Short lecture

Or in any other way, you may find appropriate for this topic

You can sign up for “Stimuluskup 2019” via link: