Dear students, psychologists, professors,
Psychology students’ association of the University of Belgrade “Stimulus” organizes a students’ gathering “Stimuluskup”, as a following activity of the scientific conference Empirical Studies in Psychology – EIP2017. Our goals are to provide students with an opportunity to be included in scientific communication. In addition, we are interested in widening the interest field of the students to new and interesting topics, and topics not included in students’ main curriculum. “Stimulus” invites all interested students to participate at our conference STIMULUSKUP. This year the topic is “Psychology and technology”.


In what way the development of technology influences psychology as a scientific discipline? How technology influences methods psychology uses and the way it develops? How can psychology today explain the many aspects of work, social or cultural man-machine relations?

Here we can list only some of the interesting issues and questions rising from this topic. For example, the use of technology in clinical evaluation, use of artificial intelligence in psychological treatment and online counseling. In the field of  educational psychology, in which way and to what extent is the use of  new technologies applicable in educational context, while in the field of work/organizational psychology we can be interested in the use of technology in selection and recruitment, e.g., use of social networks as a selection agents (LinkedIn, etc).  Necessity of usage of technology in everyday life imposes a lot of interesting topics for psychologists, such as internet communication and online meetings. In psychological research new technologies offer support in development of new techniques and assessment methods, and the improvement of already developed assessment procedures. These are some of the interesting issues related to the psychology-technology relationship and interaction.

If you have some interesting empirical results or some insights on this topic, we are inviting you to join and participate in Stimuluskup in 2017.

If you are a student interested in this topic but you have not conducted some empirical research up till now, follow our Facebook page. As of October 2016  we will be posting some interesting articles and  ideas on what can be done in this field.


There are several ways how you can participate in StimuluSkup:

  • oral presentation,
  • poster presentation,
  • by organizing workshops or
  • by participating in workshops and discussions without research work.

The deadline for application is December 31st, 2016. For more information, visit our Facebook page.

You can apply for “Stimuluskup” by filling out this form.

PSA Stimulus