Dear students, psychologists, professors,


Psychology students’ association “Stimulus” of the University of Belgrade organizes a students’ gathering “Stimuluskup”, as a following activity of the scientific conference Empirical Studies in Psychology – EIP2020. Our goals are to provide students with an opportunity to be included in scientific communication. In addition, we are interested in widening the interest field of the students to new and interesting topics, and topics not included in students’ main curriculum. “Stimulus” invites all interested students to participate in our conference STIMULUSKUP.

With the focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, this year we are interested in gathering more students and young researchers whose interests or fields of research are related to psychology. What can ethnographic studies tell us about the psychological characteristics of different social groups? How do hormones affect our mood? How can programing languages help us in analyzing data from psychology research? How do we use language to form our view of the world? How far can human consciousness be stretched?

These are just some of the many questions we would like to discuss with you at this year’s “Stimuluskup”. We believe that interdisciplinarity is od the utmost importance in today’s scientific society. Psychology has been emerging from its roots with the help of philosophy, neurology, mathematics, anthropology, physics and several more social and natural sciences as well. This year at “Stimuluskup” we want to diminish (at least temporarily) the boundaries between “social” and “natural” and share with each other the knowledge concerning many aspects of human nature from different perspectives, focusing on the advantages of their collaboration and joint work.

If you have some interesting empirical results or some insights that you would like to share, we are inviting you to join and participate in Stimuluskup in 2020.


There are several ways how you can participate in Stimuluskup:

  • oral presentation,
  • poster presentation,
  • by organizing workshops or
  • by participating in workshops and discussions without research work.


The deadline for application is March 1st, 2020. For more information, visit our Facebook page or contact us by sending us an email at




PSA Stimulus