The Stimuluskup is the accompanying gathering within the conference “Empirical Studies in Psychology,” during the past four years. The organizers of the Stimuluskup are members of the Association of Psychology Students (USP) “Stimulus,” a student, non-profit organization, which aims to promote students’ personal and professional development, scientific involvement, and non-formal studying through projects of various formats and peer education. During the conference, students from several faculties have the opportunity to present their work, as well as the works they consider relevant, participate in different workshops, training, and panel discussions, held by professors and scientists. As in previous years, the theme of the Stimulus is “Man in the focus of the research,” with a special emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach this year. This project aims to provide students the opportunities for greater involvement in scientific conferences, thus striving to expand their interests for current relevant topics in areas that differ from those closely studied during studies, as well as to emphasize students’ potential cooperation. The Stimuluskup 2022 will be held live from March 25th to 27th, in the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.


See the complete program of the Stimuluskup for EIP2022 here: March 26, March 27.

We start the gathering with the “Living Library”, on March 25 from 3 pm to 7 pm in Dvorištance (Cetinjska 15).


For more information, visit the Instagram and Facebook pages of USP “Stimulus”, as well as EIP.