Registration fee

By paying the registration fee, you receive the conference (registration) material and acquire the right to present your work at the EIP2024 meeting. Payment of the registration fee provides full access to the conference, including plenary lectures, the opening ceremony, all oral and poster presentations, coffee breaks and refreshments. The registration fee is 4500 dinars. (40 euros) for all participants, except for the unemployed and for students, for which the registration fee is 2000 dinars. (20 euros). In case you are entitled to a lower registration fee, you need to attach a photo or a scanned first page of the index/certificate from the bureau/workbook as proof.


You can pay the registration fee for the Empirical Research in Psychology meeting no later than March 11. If the registration fee is not paid by the specified date, the paper will not be included in the program of the meeting, nor in the summary book.


Each work should have its own representative, i.e. the person who will pay the registration fee for the given paper (most often it will be the person who will present the paper at the conference, but it can be any of the co-authors). One person can be a co-author on a maximum of three papers, the first author on a maximum of two papers, and their registration fee can cover only one paper. For other papers on which that person is a co-author, it is necessary for one of the other co-authors to pay the registration fee, i.e. be in the role of the so-called representative. When registering, it is necessary to enter the title of the paper that will be cover by the fee in the “Title*” field.


Papers that do not meet this requirement will not be included in the book of abstracts. Only those authors who have paid the registration fee for participating in the scientific meeting receive registration material. Therefore, at least one registration fee must be paid for each work, and the author to whose name it is paid will receive registration material. We emphasize that one author will be able to cover only one work with his registration fee.


Please pay the registration fee at the following link For technical support in connection with the payment of the registration fee, the friendly staff of the Miross agency, through whose website the payment is made, is at your disposal.