Abstract submission guidelines

Instructions for Authors

  • The summary must be written in English.
  • The title of the work should be a maximum of 150 characters with spacing.
  • The summary should be between 1500 and 2500 characters, with spaces (not counting the title of the paper, author names, affiliations and keywords)
  • The summary should contain only text, i.e. it should not contain tables and graphs.
  • Font: Times New Roman, Latin keyboard, size 12.
  • The summary should clearly state: (1) the research problem and objective, (2) the methodology, (3) the main results and (4) the conclusion.
  • When presenting the results, it is mandatory to state the numbers ​​of importance for the statistical analysis, that is, the value of the statistic used, the number of degrees of freedom, the level of significance and the size of the effect (for example t(121) = 15.34, p<.05, d = ).
  • Up to five keywords should be listed at the end of the summary.
  • During the submission process, all authors and their affiliations should be listed, as well as the contact email of the first author (who will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission)
  • One author can register a maximum of 3 papers for the set, and he can be the first author on two of those papers.
  • At least one author must meet the criteria for conducting psychological research prescribed by the Code of Ethics of Serbian Psychologists (with an emphasis on sections 5.12, 5.17-5.20). If the submission is based on the work that was created as part of classes and, as such, was mentored by the subject teacher (where the subject teacher is not able to be signed as a co-author), it is necessary, when registering the work, to enter the name and contact of the teacher in question in the appropriate field, with his or her implied consent.


Symposium submission

We invite you to participate by submitting a symposium, that is, a group of papers that are dedicated to a common topic, belong to a specific research approach, etc. Symposia should be submitted by sending a message to the conference email address (eip@f.bg.ac.rs) with the subject “Symposium submission” and an attached document (in .pdf, .docx or similar format) which contains:

–     the title of the symposium

–     a short description of the content of the symposium (300-500 words)

–     summaries of all research that will be presented within the symposium; the summaries should be written following the instructions for writing a summary and should contain all the information that is typically stated when submitting a summary (for these details, you can also see the summary submission page; however, this page should not be used to submit papers that will be presented as part of the symposium).