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NURDOR sales exhibition

During EIP you will help the opportunity to the ones that need it the most. EIP will host NURDOR, the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. This association has persevered and is dedicated to the cause for the past 20 years. We invite you to donate and select something from the promotional material to support the children fighting cancer. NURDOR volunteers will be on the II floor during the conference. See you there!


We invite you to meet our dear guests, LICEULICE magazine’s salespeople and buy the latest issue. In their familiar blue vests, they will join the EIP in the II floor hall of the Faculty of Philosophy during EIP this year.

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Guided tours of The Collection of Old Scientific Instruments


During lunch breaks, guided tours of The Collection of Old Scientific Instruments in the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology will be organised.,


On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 24th, at 14:15 there will be guided tours of the Collection. Groups are limited and registration is required on the REGISTRATION LINK

EIP hosts podcasters

Science communication happens in podcasts as well! During lunch breaks, on the 2nd floor of the Faculty of Philosophy, several podcast creators who produce content related to psychological topics will attend.


Heliks Publishing has already become an integral part of the conference and an important support to us. As last year, EIP attendees will have an opportunity to explore and purchase Heliks’ offering.

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Besides crucial support for the realisation of the conference, Sinapsa will offer attendees the possibility to purchase or order their editions at a 20% discount.

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Traditionally, Clio supports EIP and also offers attendees their editions at a reduced price. You can see Clio’s highlights for EIP as well as the EIP price list.

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